My wife’s laptop had an interesting issue. The start screen in Windows 8 was showing the wrong icon for a lot of the other applications. This would appear in the start screen as well as in the taskbar when the applications were running. This made it difficult to quickly differentiate the applications when a lot of the icons showed as Photoshop.

I searched the web for an answer. The most common answer was to delete the ‘IconCache.db’ and restart the computer. This did not solve my particular problem.

After a while, I noticed it was only the applications where the icon was an external file. Any of the applications whose icons were embedded in the executable were unaffected.

I checked the file associations for extension ‘.ico’ (Control Panel -> Default Programs). It turns out Photoshop had been assigned as the default application for opening ‘.ico’ files. I changed the ‘.ico’ to be opened with ‘Windows Photo Viewer’ (the default is Paint). This didn’t fix the problem immediately, I also had to recreate the start screen tiles for those applications affected.

The problem was finally resolved.

Shane Charles
Software Developer