Friday May 17, 2013, Haley and I went to the local high school to speak with the computer science class. We did a small presentation followed by any questions the students had. We presented some myths in the industry, best practices, things we like and don’t like, and some tools we use.

I was very nervous at the beginning of the presentation. It had been over four years since I gave a presentation. My voice was a little shaky until I got through the first joke. Once everyone started laughing, I settled in and did the presentation well (at least that’s what everyone told me). Haley answered questions and added comments to the presentation.

The students asked a wide variety of excellent questions. Things like “where do you find clients?”, “what programming language do you mainly use?”, and “why are we typing (null,null) here?”. One question that was an unexpected surprise was when we mentioned we create windows phone apps. One student asked if we create apps for Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8. I thought that was awesome! I had just assumed all the students had iPhones or Androids.

It was a very fun day for Haley and me to go and speak with the students. We look forward to doing it again.

Shane Charles
Software Developer